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Matt owner of Matty's Pizza in the Midland Mall hired us to solve problems he was having with customers ordering the wrong items, or expecting a side dish but not getting one. Overall the ordering process was cumbersome and slow, that needed to be fixed.Beautiful and deliscious looking food photography of salads and pizza

The Problems:

Matt listed some of the issues he was having with the old menu boards:

  • Food wasn't attractive looking
  • The layouts of the boards, specifically the "Combo Meals" confused customers, they weren't sure what they were ordering and it slowed up the purchasing process

The Solutions:

Here are the steps we took to solve Matt's menu mess:

  • We first went to his kitchen and re-shot all of his food and drinks with professional photography equipment. This provided sharp, attractive, color-balanced food photos
  • Then we redesigned the Combo Meals so the image easily showed all the items a customer would receive if they ordered that particular item. Gone are the days of having to cross reference a salad with a Coke
  • Then we printed beautiful color saturated menu back lit transparencies

After a year, we checked back with Matt to see how the menu boards are working and he said "They're great! They've shortened order time a lot and provide for more accurate ordering, resulting in happier customers and less wasted food".Mattys pizza store in the Midland Mall - Midland Michigan

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